MCW Health and Fitness

Get in the best shape of your life in a Greenlake gym that’s one part Rocky, one part Bruce Lee—and all about delivering expert, personalized attention.

We offer personal training, nutrition coaching and Kinesio taping for people at all levels of fitness. We’re here to help you get real results, whether you want to:

●      run farther, faster

●      lower your BMI

●      improve your core strength

●      kill it in your chosen sport

●      lose weight and gain muscle tone

●      conquer cubicle bod

But you have to get uncomfortable before you get better. At MCW Fitness, we won’t let you settle. We emphasize proper form and functional fitness to help you gain strength from the ground up. 

And with a maximum of 10 students in our classes and bootcamps, you won’t get lost in the crowd. The accountability is built in. We notice when you don’t show.

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