Product Review: C2 Elite Half Zip & Performance Tights

Recently, I went on a run wearing C2’s Elite Half Zip and their Performance Tights. It was a typical rainy Seattle morning which made for perfect conditions to try out something new. The temperature was 56 degrees that morning. I took off to run a lap around Greenlake with a client.

I choose to review the Elite Half Zip because I wear pull over shirt/half zip type shirts all the time. Especially during the colder months. I wore the half zip over a standard dry fit shirt that I would typically wear under a half zip shirt. The first thing I noticed was it comfortable. I asked for a Large and it fit well. Not too loose and definitely long enough for my torso. For a run in the fifties, it was definitely warm enough. It didn’t make me feel too cold or too hot, it just felt normal so it will definitely be a part of my regular rotation. 

I wanted to review the Performance Tights because I do wear run tights and it is always good to have more layering options, especially in the winter. The material is different then the typically type of tight I currently own. It is a little thicker and fuzzier. When I put them on first thing in the morning, they were totally comfortable and when I saw it was rain out that morning, I was glad I was wearing them. Running wise, they felt great. I didn’t notice them, no itching or anything like that, which is what you want when it comes to any sort of athletic gear. The only downside was that they were too warm. Once I got about a mile into my run, my legs were burning up. They would be much better in 40’s verse in the 50’s. 

Overall, I really like both products and I will continue to wear them.  5 Stars

5 Reason to Start Running Stairs Today

A year ago, started running stairs on Wednesdays with my buddy Eric. We are out there almost every week and only miss if it is crazy raining or one of us is traveling out town. There has been many times where I didn't want to go, but since I was meeting Eric out there, I showed up. Once we got going, I was glad I went. Here are the 5 biggest benefits to start running stairs.

1 - Great for developing leg strength....

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Product Review: Xshot Selfie Stick

I know you're asking yourself, why is a fitness blog reviewing a selfie stick? Seems kind of strange, but it actually has a practical purpose. One of the more difficult things for me to do is to record videos doing or explaining exercises by myself. So when the opportunity came across my way to review some products, I choose the Xshot Selfie Stick to see if it would help make recording videos easier...

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Hiking through Altitude Sickness in The Enchantments

The Enchantments are one most well known, beautiful and difficult hikes in Washington. If you don’t get a permit and you want to experience The Enchantments then doing the through hike is your best option. It’s 18 miles with 4500 feet of elevation gain and your high point is 7800 feet with one especially hard part, Aasgard Pass, where you gain 1900 feet in less than a mile. When I decided to do the hike I felt great about being physically ready for it, but I had no idea that altitude would effect as much as it did, making the hike much more dangerous than I could have ever imagined...

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What I discovered about Performance on my climbing trip to Squamish

Over Labor Day Weekend, I went up to Squamish to go rock climbing. Most weekends I am out and about climbing, but this weekend was different. This weekend, I found a route that was new to me and to get to the top, took the culmination of my training this summer. I came across a route called Mrs Negative which is graded a 5.12a. Ever since I first started climbing I have had a goal of climbing 5.12. This is not the first 5.12 I’ve been on and lead all the way to the top, but it the first 5.12 I have finished this year. The reason why this is important to me is because I have recently changed up my training after having a rough start to my year climbing....

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