Jason McWalter, CSCs, Pn1

Available for Private Training, Group Classes, 
Kinesio Taping & Nutrition Coaching

MCW Fitness founder Jason McWalter practically grew up in a gritty downtown Seattle gym. As a sports-obsessed teen, he excelled under the guidance of trainer and former pro football player Joe Head.

But Joe did more than train muscles and sinew. Over the years, he became a trusted mentor and Jason, his apprentice. The two grew so close that Jason—and other gym regulars—once spent a Christmas break helping Joe move his entire operation.

No wonder Jason is so good with clients today. “Joe taught me how to build relationships with people—the intangibles you don’t learn in school,” he says.

Jason went on to earn his B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science from Oregon State University and worked several years as a trainer at a high-end Bellevue club. Returning to his urban roots, he opened MCW Fitness in 2011. Some of his Eastside clients followed him to Greenlake—and are still regulars at MCW today.

Jason specializes in sport-specific training, post-rehab strength training, sports nutrition and weight loss management. He incorporates his love of movement and diverse athletic background—including competitive weightlifting, soccer, football, rock climbing and more—to customize training for each client. Whether leading a functional fitness class or a coaching a one-on-one session, he is committed to transforming both his clients’ bodies—and their lives.

When he’s not in the gym, you can find Jason in the mountains rock climbing or snowboarding, or on a yoga mat practicing his headstand.



Dana Llewellyn, CSCS

Available for Group Classes

Dana Llewellyn is a movement trainer specializing in bodyweight training and Clubbell work. With emphasis on form, function and flow, she aims to unlock hidden potential in everyBODY by training intelligent movement and strengthening the mind-body connection. Dana works with others to redefine limitations, establish conscious awareness and experience the freedom of expressive movement.

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Dana is passionate about movement of all types, including rock climbing, dancing, yoga, clubbell swinging and, most recently, martial arts. She graduated from WWU with a degree in Kinesiology, Movement Studies Specialization, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a certified instructor of Clubbell Yoga, Clubbell Athletics, Flowfit and Animal Flow. She was introduced to the world of functional movement through an internship with Summer Huntington, founder of Clubbell Yoga. After experiencing the profound impact of a personal movement practice, Dana set about honing her craft as a trainer and movement specialist by working closely with Circular Strength Training coaches and practitioners. After graduating in 2015, Dana moved to Seattle and created Flowstate Fitness, working as a freelance personal trainer and group class instructor. 

Brian Jackson, ACE

available for group classes

“There's nothing I can't do, just things I haven't done yet”- Ben Drawbaugh

Brian is an ACE certified personal trainer and has been working with both groups and individuals since 2011 to help his community reach their wellness goals. Whether you are a current or former athlete, a weekend worrier, just starting your wellness journey or anywhere in-between, Brian is committed to providing a holistic wellness approach that meets individuals where they are, making health and fitness attainable for everyone. “Building self efficacy in everyone I connect with is the most important thing to me,”  says Brian. “I want to help people remove the barriers we put up for ourselves, to remove the ‘I can’t’ and help people live ‘I can’ every day!” 

With a smile, Brian will find fun and challenging ways to help you push your limits, reach your goals, and connect with a community that is looking to make a positive change for themselves and others.