Private Training

Private & Partner Training

Private Training (1 on 1) or Partner Training (2 on 1) are for those who are looking for more accountability, nutritional guidance and a workout specifically designed for their individual needs and goals. Whether you're training for a specific sport or event or you just want to get in better shape, then Private Training is the best way to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

1 session - 1 on 1: $70                2 on 1: $90
10 session - 1 on 1: $595           2 on 1: $765         

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Nutrition Coaching

Assessment & Plan

In your 30 minute Assessment & Plan session, we will take baseline measurements for height, weight and body fat. We will outline a nutrition plan to based on your specific goals and needs as well as establish an accountability system to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

$70 per session


15 minute follow up sessions are designed to pair with your Assessment & Plan to check in in-between assessments. These sessions can be done over the phone or in person.

$20 per session

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