What I'm Reading

I am a firm believer in good information in, good information out.  I read and listen to many different resources that are not necessically fitness related, but apply to many different areas.  Not everything they produce is amazing, but these are my go to's for good information.  Here are the books, articles, videos, podcasts and blogs that I like:


Podcasts, YouTube Channels & Websites


  • Greenlake Martial Arts 
    As well as sharing a space with us Greenlake Martial Arts has been teaching Tsun Jo Wing Chun® Kung Fu in Seattle since 1980. Their direct, effective approach to martial arts is designed to give men, women and children skills they can apply in real life... not just in the classroom. By combining empty hand self defense, standing grappling, weapons training and a great cardio workout, Greenlake Martial Arts offers a well balanced, comprehensive training experience for everyone. 

  • Lifestyle Chiropractic - Dr Niall Dillan & Dr Joel Southwell
    The Doctors at Lifestyle Chiropractic are great. They have both helped recover from various injuries and maintain my spinal health over the years. They also have Massage Therapists and an Athletic Trainer on staff to give your patients a well round approach to health and wellness.

  • Seattle Yoga Lounge
    I love practicing at Seattle Yoga Lounge. They are a heated Vinyasa studio located a few blocks down the street from us in Greenlake. Yoga is a great compliment to the strength training we do MCW Fitness. It helps keep me balanced and flexible so I can perform at optimally.