Referral Program

The greatest compliment you can give us, better than anything said below, is a referral.  Our program is simple, for every client referred to us that purchases a group package or private training session, you receive one free private training session with Jason.

What They're Saying

"Shout out to ClassPass for helping me discover Jason from MCW Health and Fitness! MCW was one of the first classes I've tried, and the best thing I have ever found through CP.

I started attending a Functional Conditioning class at the end of May. This class begins with a warm up using an agility ladder, followed by circuit training. There are several stations to work through such as TRX, kettlebells, bags and resistance bands to name a few. The last part of class is cardio focused, which can involve jump ropes, burpees or running up and down the stairs. I always feel that I get a great workout at the end of every class. In fact, I enjoy his classes so much that I even signed up for bi monthly personal training sessions with Jason two months later. I definitely get more out of the PT sessions, since we can focus on my goals and try other routines such as weight training. I especially enjoy getting time in at the squat rack and bench press during our PT sessions.

What I like about Jason is that he does take the time to get to know his clients, and figures out how to motivate and push you towards your fitness goals. There have been times where I wanted to half-ass the workout but Jason would push me to prove myself wrong. If you are dealing with an injury, he is more than happy to show you a modified version. It's crazy to see how much progress I have made through the group classes and personal training sessions over the past 7 months. Thanks to Jason, I have dropped 15 lbs, reduced my body fat by 1.5%, improved my posture and I'm getting stronger after every session. Whether if you're not sure how to get back into shape or if you have specific fitness goals, I highly recommend MCW fitness. You can't go wrong with Jason's Functional Conditioning classes or his personal training sessions!" - Sam G. via Yelp 5 stars

"I met Jason when he was working at the ProClub and I was having problems finding the right fit. Jason was a God send. He is incredibly knowledgeable and was great at putting together a pragmatic workout that fit my schedule. I loss 15 pounds with my work with Jason. Jason is very patient and did a great job asking about 1000 questions I had about working out :)” -Cj L.

“Jason provided personal training services for three years. My goals were to build the strength in my lower back and knees, and overall balance and coordination. The programs he developed worked within my abilities, were customized to meet my objectives, he kept the programs interesting, challenging and for my exercise style and interest, kept the exercises fun. I would highly recommend Jason for your training needs.” -Joni B.

“Jason is a skilled and excellent trainer. He listens to his clients needs and always thinks outside the box to give them the exact services they request. He is innovative, creative and extremely knowledgeable in his field of exercise physiology.”-Chelsey B., 20/20 LifeStyles Registered Dietitian

"Jason is a highly skilled trainer and wonderful motivator. I have been working with him to gain strength, lose weight and become a better martial artist. His knowledge of exercise has made me faster, more explosive and a more powerful fighter. I will continue to work with Jason throughout my training." -Daniel Wear

"I ran the Portland Marathon a few weeks ago, my second one, and managed to finish much faster and stronger than I had anticipated. (Clocked in at about 4 hours, 12 minutes). I had not done nearly as much running over the summer as I planned to do to prepare for this race. But, throughout the marathon training time, I did continue to do other physical activities(soccer once a week, gym, etc.) and I signed up for Jason's boot camp class. The amount of emphasis Jason puts on core strength was the key to success for me. Just one boot camp class a week, over the course of 4 months, greatly improved my control, stability and overall strength and I was able to finish the marathon in much better shape than I had anticipated. Cross-training is so important when training for something big, and Jason is great at developing programs that do just that :-) Thanks Jason!" Jenn Ireland — 5 star

"Jason is an amazing trainer. Before starting with him, I never exercised and was looking to establish fitness habits and goals for a lifetime. He helped me not only establish habits, but also motivate me to pursue my goals. After working out with him two days a week for five months with small changes here and there, I lost 5lbs in body fat and gained 12lbs in muscle. He's a great trainer that knows how to adapt to your situation and help you thrive in it." -Tariq Yusif

"After a year of working out with Jason, I'm considerably stronger, better toned and have a LOT more stamina; all my goals from the beginning. He adjusts exercises to individual capabilities while continuing to step up complexity and difficulty to continue your progress. Would highly recommend individual workouts, even if it's just at the beginning--helped me to communicate any limitations I was feeling and for him to help me understand the correct form. Classes are fun, creatively conceived and challenging, but do-able, even the boot camp!" -Mary Ann Sinclair